Solidarity with activists in Hong Kong

Posted by Administrator (wb_admin) on 06/10/2014
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Dear friends of IPF,

I am writing this email in tears, and tears can't express how heart breaking Hong Kong people are at the moment.

As you might aware, HK is in a critical situation where our students and citizens have been fighting for a true universal suffrage in Hong Kong in a non-violent and peaceful movement. Maybe you've witnessed through the news on how police have used tear gas and pepper spray at our unarmed students, how peaceful, polite and civilized our protesters have been.

Today, lots of gangsters suddenly flocked to the protest area using violence against our students, many of them, some teenage students, were hurt.

Sexual harassment was reported everywhere, "You came out to protest and you should be prepared to be sexually harassed." A gangster shouted at a sobbing young girl in school uniform.

But police turned a blind eye to their violence, they either just stood there or only react with mild separation. Some videos shown they released the arrested gangsters in a taxi or subway. The citizen who was beaten up was arrested at the hospital when he was waiting for medication. Some people found messages about gangsters/pro-govt groups paying people to beat the non violent protesters. A student said in the news interview, "6 people surrounded me and beat me up. there are lots of police around but they do nothing to stop them. they blame me as the one who provoked. how come our city became like this? police are suppose to protect us."

police + gangsters, they play a big drama in front of the media and citizens, and all the blame was put on the non-violent protesters. that's how ugly our government is in an attempt to disperse the peaceful movement without listening to her people.

I urge for global solidarity with Hong Kong people in fighting for our basic right to a true universal suffrage which is promised during handover. I urge for global solidarity to request the Hong Kong government to stop any violence on unarmed students and citizens. I urge for global solidarity to free us all from violence, fear and corruption. I urge the whole world to be our witness, to keep an eye on what they are doing, to stop them from hurting their own people.

If you can, please support us by whatever way immediately. Go to your local embassy to express your support, requests the HK government to stop violence, wear a yellow ribbon, open an umbrella, invite people to support us in solidarity, or whatever way you can think of. 

May justice and peace be with Hong Kong.


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