First European Theatre Day of Tolerance

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To whom it may concern   

First European Theatre Day of Tolerance

On the 1. February 2012 the "New Theatre" in Budapest will be transferred to
two new directors, both very famous hungarian right wing leaders. This is the
reason why C. Bernd Sucher, many theatre directors, actors and me started an
European initative to protest against the rising intolerance in Europe.
On the 1.February 2012 before any theatre performance in Europe one actor
should read the following memorandum, holding a key in his or her hand to
symbolize their intention to open the heart of the public.
We ask as many theatres as possible to participate in this initiative.

"I am reading a memorandum that will be read today in most theatres across
Europe in the local language prior to the performance:
Today is February 1, 2012. Today in Budapest, one of the most important
theatres in the city is being handed over to two new directors who have
publicly espoused right-wing views for many years. They publish inflammatory
pamphlets that are anti-Semitic, anti-Romani and racist. Starting today they
will be the directors of a publicly subsidised theatre in a European
capital. Their appointment breaks a taboo.
Instead of taking this breach as an opportunity to condemn Budapest, we
should commit ourselves in our own country and lives to tolerance, diversity
and solidarity for the weaker members of our society. We are dismayed that
political forces are at work in many European countries stirring up hatred,
contempt and envy between people. Our intention with our theatre work is to
overcome the divisive factors in our societies, to spark curiosity and to sharpen
people’s senses for social truths – for the common good of all people, for peace
and freedom in Europe. After all, we human beings are all free and equal in
dignity and in rights; we are all citizens of one and the same world. Today is
February 1, 2012. Let us join together today to celebrate the first “European
Theatre Day for Tolerance.”

Markus Kupferblum

Markus Kupferblum (*12 June 1964) is an Austrian theatre and opera director, author and clown.

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